Monday, September 1, 2008

the yes project

I recently made these game pieces so we could play checkers in the park.

But I've loved stones and pebbles since I was a kid, and often left painted stones or stones with messages on them here and there. Tired of the negativity in the signage I saw everywhere I walked, I decided to start leaving a yes message of some sort out there every day.

All you need is a fine point sharpie marker or some other way to write yes on your stones. Stones are available everywhere ~ I usually find mine along the roadside. A few days ago I dug a hole in my garden and dozens of perfect yes stones were brought to the surface. Now they are out and about, around town with little yeses printed on them.

I give each stone a good thought, something positive, before leaving it somewhere.


~ keep a bowl of yes stones near your door, and when you leave in the morning, put one in your pocket. think positive thoughts, and surreptitiously leave it where someone may see it. I find that very small smooth stones work the best.

Please submit your yes project stone photos to: eddiewilbury at yahoo dot com or post them on your blog. I decided on the word yes (oui, si, po, jes, ydw, aye, e, ) because it's usually a very short word (except in Swahili anyway) and we see the word NO far too often when we are out and about.

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